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Silver Active 2800 Mattress

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Silver Active 2800 Mattress

The Dura Beds Silver Active 2800 Mattress is a superbly well-made mattress, finished to the highest standards and made for a luxurious, yet supportive feel. This mattress is part of the Natural Collection, a range which offers high-quality mattresses at a great price, using natural materials and fillings. The Silver Active 2800 has a Pocket Spring unit at its core and is finished in an anti-bacterial infused cover.

The Silver Active 2800 mattress is a Pillow Top mattress, boasting a surface layer of deep fillings, which include Wool and Cotton. This Pillow Top layer might appear to be removable, but it is built-in. The purpose of this layer is to allow a deep pad of fillings that are semi-detached from the springs at the core of the mattress, allowing the fillings to remain looser and softer than normal.

The 2800 springs in this mattress are made up of two layers of springs. The 2000 springs form the main layer, supportive and firmer than the 800 springs on top, which are softer, smaller and do more of the 'fine-tuning' of the support offered. These two layers combine to create a wonderfully supportive mattress but without being too firm. Each spring in this mattress is able to move up and down like a piston to conform to the movement of the body, perfectly mirroring your contours and promoting good posture, as well as preventing aches and pains.

Dura Beds has finished this mattress in a silky-smooth and tactile fabric that is durable and comfortable. This fabric has also been infused with Silver Active, an ingredient which is completely natural and prevents odours and bacteria from forming. This natural infusion results in a fresh mattress at all times as well as forming a hypo-allergenic barrier.

The Dura Beds Silver Active 2800 Mattress is a no-turn mattress, only requiring rotation once per season (although we recommend this is done weekly for the first month after delivery). There are handles on the sides of the mattress to aid movement when required, as well as breather vents to further aid heat and moisture management.

Depth:28.0 cm

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